At Sussex Bar Hire & Events we are passionate about good food, seasonal ingredients and authenticity. This is reflected in our Paellas and tapas dishes. Mixing a fantastic atmosphere and great food will keep you and your guests entertained from the beginning to the end.

If you want to impress your guests, friends or family then our paellas will have the desired effect. Watch our chefs prepare and cook your meal right in front of you, creating that ‘fiesta’ atmosphere!

Your Wedding

Your wedding can be as fun as you want it to be! Creating that mid-summer party feel is easily achievable, especially when you choose to offer one of our paellas and tapas to you and your guests. Pairing our Spanish dishes with some amazingly fresh and thirst quenching drinks, your celebration will be one for you and your guests to remember!

Your Corporate Event

Our paellas and tapas can also be a great addition to a launch party, business fundraiser or any other corporate event. Our tapas dishes, paellas, desserts and cocktails can all be delicately redesigned and offered to you and your guests in a unique canapes format.

Your Private Party

Throwing your own private party can be easy when you put your trust in us. Our paellas can be provided for numbers from 30-100 people and set up and cooked in surprisingly small outdoor spaces. Once the Sangria jugs are pouring, the paella is cooking and the salsa is playing, no party will ever match up!

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